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My 3 Favorite Travis Eliot Yoga Videos

As you have surely read in my post on Yoga, it is a practice that is an integral part of my "self-care".

This post is surely one of my shortest because I wanted to make it concise for once. It was not necessary to dwell on descriptions or details because I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite videos from Travis Eliot.

If you google him you will have a detailed description about him and you will see that he does several things. I know him mostly as a Yoga and meditation instructor.

In fact, it's only since last May that I started to follow it more regularly.

I particularly like his Power yoga and Yin yoga videos. But on top of that, I love his inspirational quotes like:

"Ego is not your amigo"

Parmi ses vidéos de Power yoga et de Yin yoga, voici celles que je regarde le plus souvent lorsque je décide de pratiquer le yoga.

Power Yoga

Among his Power yoga and Yin yoga videos, here are the ones I watch most often when I decide to practice yoga.

Unfortunately the video seems not to be available but I put the link for you.

So in return, I share with you another Power yoga video that I love but which lasts only 30 minutes.

Yin yoga

When I come back from the garden my body is often numb and I feel the load of the work I have done on my lower back, so doing a good restorative Yin yoga is good for me.

Here is the video that I select lately especially in the mornings because it is often when I wake up that I feel the pain.

Yoga flexibility

To do a Power Yoga and Flexibility combination, I swear by the following video

And you, do you know Travis Eliot? If so, what are your favorite videos? If not, I strongly encourage you to try the yoga exercises he shares on his Youtube channel.



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