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Welcome to the collaborators' corner!

This is where you will find information on the women who have agreed to collaborate in the writing of some blog posts.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

And in the spirit of gratitude



Smiling woman


Enjoy the moment

Social worker

I met her in 2017. She was then the teacher in my Japanese class. She started taking French lessons at the school where I worked. I asked her to offer me private lessons and she accepted. And that's how our little friendship started. When I informed her of my intention to visit Japan, she invited me to stay at her grandmother's house in Kagoshima. I took the same plane flight to Tokyo with his family. But my stay was to focus in the Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka area. She promised me that the invitation to Kagoshima still stood. I'm grateful that she agreed to collaborate on my blog to add a little Japanese touch.

I am grateful to have met her at the university benches when I decided to do my masters. We were the only ones in the class, juggling the responsibilities of wife, mother, student and work. We kept in touch after college and it's an honor to see her as a safety net.

Smiling, woman, blonde

Tele Worker

I am grateful to have met him in the Japanese class. We were the only adults in a high school class. We share the same passion for the Japanese language. I admire her courage to juggle work at home while taking care of her two children while her husband is often away for work. I envy his baking skills. I thank her for agreeing to write posts in English

Woman with Long Gray Hair


I am grateful to know her since I was a teenager. We went to the same high school and since the end of high school, we have always kept in touch. I have always admired his courage with his very interesting life course. I have always envied her status as a stay-at-home mom, which allows her to devote a large part of her time to her family. She was always available to give me tips and advice for cooking good Turkish dishes and for gardening.

Woman with white hair


I am grateful to know her because I admire the strength and courage she has shown following an abusive relationship and a complicated divorce. She managed to juggle her professional duties while overcoming this difficult ordeal. I am always amazed to see how she managed to get her life back on track.

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