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Soft Dots

Hi ! Call me Ella!

Soft Dots


Welcome to my blog. Ella is the name I use for blogging.

If you are an MATURE woman, but more particularly a woman aged 45 and over, who despite the trials of life tries to remain positive. A woman who does everything possible to improve her well-being and mental health. Who wants to stay sane and develop resilience. And also if you are a woman who loves reading French and is looking to improve it. Then this blog is for you. 


In this blog, I share information and resources with you on topics related to activities that help me stay sane, increase my sense of well-being, my mental health, develop my resilience and keep a positive attitude in the face of life's challenges. 

But that's not all because I'm also going to address some touching topics; more specifically women in my age group, and also on the realities of black Afro-Caribbean women. It is very likely that I will make a HUGE effort to open up in order to share my experiences and my moods as a mother of two autistic young adults. 

I hope this blog can be useful and inspiring to you! 

Okay, enough blabbering! 

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