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Remembering one of my favorite yoga teacher : Lesley Fightmaster

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You will never be forgotten 🌺🌹❤️

It's really weird because since the end of the Xmas holidays 2020 and the beginning of the lockdown, my body has mostly felt the need to especially do more weight training. And because I did not receive any new notifications for new videos from Lesley Fightmaster, I stopped doing Yoga regularly. I remembered telling my husband that she hasn't uploaded new videos since the end of Xmas holidays. I just thought that she was taking a break from YouTube without realizing that she died last November.

Then Sunday morning when I felt the urge to do some Fightmaster yoga, I checked on YouTube. That's how I have learned the news after watching the video her husband uploaded 6 days ago.

I have 3 favorite people I follow on YouTube if I want to practice Yoga.

- When I needed a little pick me up, it was Lesley;

- When I needed to do Yin I do Kassandra;

- When I had tons of energy to spend I can count on Erin from Five Park Yoga.

I am in shock ! Lesley was one of my favorite Yoga teachers.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

Yes, it's shocking, 2020 sucked!

I lost 2 family members in 2020 and although I didn't know Lesley personally, her passing touched me. It's really since the beginning of the pandemic that I have become loyal to her YouTube channel, her sessions have been doing me so much good physically and mentally.

She's the one who inspired me to continue my learning of Ashtanga Yoga, her classes are easy to follow and her explanations are so simple, you don't feel the pressure to do more, you don't feel intimidated to do difficult poses because as she puts it so well:

"It's not about the pose. You don't have to be perfect"

In my post on Yoga I mentioned her. Yoga is an integral part of my prescription for my mental health / wellbeing day, Lesley advocated so much about self care and gratitude, those things that are close to my heart. Her use of quotes at the end of her sessions inspired me to do the same at the end of my posts. Her soft and soothing voice was a real remedy against stress.

I am glad that her husband has decided to give us, her followers, continuous access to her YouTube videos.

I will continue to practice her sessions. Last Sunday, I honoured her life by practicing this Yoga session :

I am so grateful for being able to know her through her videos, it has been an honour, I will be grateful to her all my life. Thanks to her, my love for Ashtanga yoga will stay forever. Through her video she has been able to teach people : gratitude, self confidence and self-care.

I will conclude by sharing her most famous quote with you:

"Quiet mind, quiet body, shavasana, rest "


Rest in peace Lesley Fightmaster🙏🏽

You will never be forgotten😭🌹🌺


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